WELCOME to the temporary home on the web for the action-packed 1/8-mile, multi-surfaced course
on the Delta County Fairgrounds in Escanaba, Michigan.

Meeting Minutes

UPIR Meeting Minutes
April 17, 2010
Remember When
7:00 p.m.

I. Introductions

II. Upper Peninsula International Raceway

A. Consists of group of volunteers, nobody is paid
B. All finances controlled through Delta County Chamber of Commerce & Fair Board Authority (represented by all 15 UP Counties)
C. Applied for grants for track development
D. Current track is approximately 1/8 mile dirt track
E. Volunteer sheets handed out

III. Triple Crown Series

A. Three races this summer on June 12, July 31 and August 21
B. Classes are Small Cars (less than 192 inches) 4 and 6 cylinder,
Front wheel drive, Micro Sprints and Tough Trucks
C. Triple Crown Series will award Championship trophies, no
Money pay out
D. Race insurance is paid through local agency
Proceeds from races, concessions, gates, etc will be in restricted
fund for track development through Delta County Chamber of
Commerce. Race and concession workers all volunteer, no pay
E. Dances will be held after first two races, campground available
F. Challenge Series with groups of cars from other tracks (Norway, Thunder
Valley, Kinross, etc) if enough entries
H. Matt Panure will be announcer
I. Flagman is “Nascar” Bob Williams – LeRoy Sovey will throw
First flag, tech & line up volunteers obtained
J. Invocation, National Anthem, Parade of Flags, run clean races,
K. Run 6 to 8 car heat races, semi feature, feature
L. No qualifying
M. Victory Lane, Car Show, Meet & Greet with drivers

IV. Future Plans

A. Prints from Bittner Engineering passed out with plans for 3/8 mile progressive banked paved oval track with options for ¼ mile and 1/8 mile paved ovals, 1/8 mile clay oval for micro sprints, go karts and 4 wheelers, mud pits, truck & garden tractor pulling, motocross and snow cross, SORVA Training all within the 3/8 mile oval. Room for stage acts in front. Multi-use motorsports facility for entire UP region.
B. Goal is to open new track in 2011
C. New facility can be rented by outside groups for races

V. Work Bee 4-17-10

A. Most of concrete wall in place
B. Tough Truck track complete with jumps and mud holes, S shaped
C. Rocks picked
D. Need clean red clay for current track
E. Individuals have offered to pay for clay and trucking companies
have volunteered to haul clay in

VI. Questions & Answers

Q. Are any counties against plans for new track?
A. No. All 15 counties are supportive.

Q. Are there plans to haul in any dirt or clay? Tires?
A. The proper clay is being looked for. Tires are in place around
track and it has been leveled off. Statement made from individual that clay is available on Jaegar Rd. but would have
To be dug out.

Q. How much clay is needed?
A. 437 yards to have 4 inches on track, but most would like 8

Q. Why hold Triple Crown races now rather than putting in the 3/8 mile track?
A. This summer’s races are to gauge interest in racing

Q. Why not hold fundraisers instead of Triple Crown races?
A. The races are fundraisers. The Chamber of Commerce has stated
they want a new track for 2011, but will keep working until accomplished

Q. The trailer court by the fairgrounds complained about dust years ago. How
will dust be controlled?

A. Track size will limit speed and dust. Track will be watered down. Suggestion made to have chloride put on track by city or county.

Q. Will there be a practice?
A. No, due to insurance costs. If clay is obtained cars will be needed for track

Q. Will there be separate classes in Small Cars for those without roll cages?
A. If enough cars are entered separate classes will be run.

Q. Will races still run if clay is not hauled in?
A. Yes, we would go back to picking rocks. Discussion on possibly using commercial sweepers

Q. Can 4 cylinder trucks be run?
A. Not unless front wheel drive, can run in Tough Trucks

Q. Why have a new paved track instead of clay?
A. A clay track has dust and maintenance costs. There are few dirt cars in the
area. There are six dirt tracks within a 30 mile radius of Green Bay and two
already run on Saturday nights. Within a 50 to 75 mile radius of Green Bay
there are eleven dirt tracks. We would not draw those cars here. It costs
$60,000 per year to maintain a dirt track and requires equipment.

Q. Can I race a Small Car and a Tough Truck on the same night?
A. Yes. Total entry fee day of race would be $10 pit pass, $10 entry fee Small
car and $10 entry fee Tough Truck. Vehicle for 2nd race would have to be
lined up and driver ready.

Q. What classes will run on the 3/8 mile paved track?
A. Final decisions have not been made. Small cars, Slammers, Pure Stocks
would be best run on the ¼ mile oval and go karts on the 1/8 mile oval.

Q. Would big name races like ASA run here?
A. Any possibilities would be explored and pursued.

Q. Will more meetings be held?
A. Yes. Meetings will be announced in newspapers, radio, fairground sign and
online at www.deltami.org, Facebook, www.upirracing.blogspot.com

VII. Next Work Bee

A. Work Bee scheduled for Saturday, April 24th at 11:00 a.m. est
Cement wall needs to be completed. Pits and gates need to be staked out.
Clay possibly hauled in.

VIII. Needs

A. Flag stand and victory lane built
B. Scorekeepers for races
C. Volunteers Work Bees
D. Use of Equipment – will be posted

Approximately 40 people were in attendance

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Rose


UPIR Meeting Minutes
Escanaba Country Club
April 14, 2010
7:00 p.m.

I. Introductions

A. Boyd Widdis, UPIR Volunteer, Doug Strassburg, Volunteer
Consultant (owner of Mid Am Stock Car Series), Matt Panure,
Professional Announcer & Public Relations
B. Vickie Micheau, Director Delta County Chamber of Commerce
Steve Masters, Visitors & Convention Bureau, Risk Manager
Sheila Hughes, Delta County Chamber of Commerce, Fair
Management Team
Alyssa Nugent, Delta County Chamber of Commerce,

II. Short Term Goals

A. Boyd Widdis presented short term goals for the Triple Crown Race
Series this summer on a 1/8 mile dirt track.
B. Race dates are June 12, July 31 and August 21, 2010
C. Classes are Small Cars, Micro Sprints and Tough Trucks
D. If there are enough entries from other tracks (Norway, Thunder
Valley, Kinross, etc.) a Challenge Race will be run
E. There will be a band after the first two races, driver meet & greet
F. Any proceeds from the Triple Crown races will be restricted funds
for track development, but may be used as matching funds for any grants
procured . The Chamber of Commerce is the “Keeper of the Coins”. All
individuals involved are volunteers and not paid
G. Rules and entry forms at www.deltami.org, Facebook &

III. Long Term Goals

A. Print from Bittner Engineering passed around and explained. A
3/8 mile progressive banked paved track will be constructed with
options for a ¼ mile paved track, 1/8 mile paved or dirt track,
mud pits, mud drag, garden tractor pulling, snow cross, moto-
cross, go karts & SORVA within the 3/8 mile track.

B. UPIR will be a multi-use regional motorsports facility for the entire Upper Peninsula. Outside groups can rent the facility to run race events.
C. Grants have been applied for.

IV. Questions and Answers

Q. Micro Sprint racers concerned about rocks on present 1/8 mile
A. Work Bees planned to pick rocks

Q. Are rumors of volunteer trucking for clay true?
A. No offers received. Any offers should be directed to Vickie

Q. Would Micro Sprints want to race on a paved track?
A. (micro sprint racer) It is expensive to set up cars for pavement.
Micro sprint racers asked to help design and build dirt track if they want to race UPIR regularly.

Q. Would Micro Sprints ice race at UPIR?
A. (micro sprint racer) An ice track is easier to build and maintain on
the river.

Q. Are any fundraisers planned?
A. No. Any proceeds from the races, concessions, raffles, 50/50 will
all go into restricted fund for track development.

Q. Will the track be ready for racing this year?
A. Yes. The insurance is paid for from a local agency.

Q. Will 4 and 6 cylinder cars race together?
A. Yes, unless there are enough 6 cylinders to have a separate class.
No rear while drive cars are allowed which eliminated large, heavy
6 cylinder cars.

Q. Will cars without roll cages race cars with roll cages?
A. Yes, unless there are enough cars to have separate races. The track
size will not allow excessive speed. Do not want drivers to put on a

Q. What is age limit for drivers on dirt?
A. Age 14.

Q. How long will the Chamber of Commerce work with the local
people to keep a track at the fairgrounds?
A. The goal is for the proposed track to open in 2011 if funding
becomes available. If not, efforts will continue until a track is in place.

Q. Will there be a Test & Tune date:
A. No, due to insurance costs. Will try to have groups run a few laps
at the first race to learn the track.

Q. Is a Flagman needed? Leroy Sovey volunteered (former Flagman
at Escanaba).
A. “Nascar” Bob Williams from Manistique will be the Flagman.
Boyd Widdis asked Leroy Sovey to throw the first flag.

V. Suggestions

A. Hold a Car Show on race dates – Tom Dubord will organize
B. Swap Meet
C. Future plans need to include the children of the area

VI. Other

A. Vickie Micheau encouraged people to contact her with any available
B. Don’t rely on rumors. Contact the Chamber of Commerce for facts
If a question cannot be answered, The Chamber will find out.
C. The Chamber of Commerce Fair Management Team will do what is
best for the entire community.
D. Alyssa Nugent will keep Facebook updated with factual information
and keep volunteers up to date on Work Bees.
E. Volunteer sheets passed around for Work Bees
F. First Work Bee scheduled for Saturday, April 17th at 10:00 a.m.
G. Contact Boyd Widdis with race questions
H. News will be in Escanaba Daily Press, Action Shopper, Radio Stations, Work Bees on Fairground sign
I. Scorekeepers will be needed for race days

Approximately 40 people were in attendance

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Rose